The Meteor’s Mark

The Meteor’s Mark a Short Story by KG Petrone

Literary Arts by K.G. Petrone

She woke up before sunrise, a symptom of her insomnia and restless mind. Of course, she wished she could sleep longer and be woken by the sun’s shafts of light breaching her bedroom’s curtains. But that was highly unlikely and she accepted her fate. She refused to allow her condition to anger her, instead, she chose to relish the peaceful and quiet mornings.  This morning, however, she wondered how many other people in the world were wide awake at the crack of dawn.

Basking in the morning’s stillness, she meditatively sat outside watching the shadows for any stealthy movements to cross her vision. Hoping to catch a glimpse of those awe-inspiring massive creatures who shared her neighborhood before entering into their winter slumber. It was bright morning, due to the Moon broadcasting its glow down through the lightly clouded sky. Silently, she wondered?

As she observed the sky, she noticed…

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