Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine… (A Supernatural Mystery Thriller)

on June 25, 2018
Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine is a good, refreshing treat on how an author can merge two different narratives into one seamless story. The story starts off with a murder mystery that Detective Hart must soon investigate, but she soon begins to realize that there might be supernatural elements being involved. In the other perspective, Victoria and Sue Lee must survive on the frontier from the dangers of the savages. And at every moment, things are not what they appear to be.

Overall, I liked this book. I even learned some things about real-life Native American culture being interwoven with the storyline that I never knew before. It’s a good read for those who want to read and relax for their pleasure.

on January 7, 2018
This story was quite interesting from beginning to end. It had mystery and intrigue. I was exposed to some of the customs and beliefs of Native Americans. I was surprised when I found out who was doing all of the savage acts in the book. It also provides lessons that seeking revenge usually causes more heartache and it can just continue unless someone stops it. If you want a look at some of the believed spirits that make deals with mankind, this is an interesting book pointing to some of those myths.
on June 21, 2018
Cycles of time is a gritty murder mystery that intertwines native folklore, crime-drama, and evil magic. One part of the story centers around Detective Hart, a driven investigator who refuses to allow cases to go cold and dream walks into her victims’ futures. Another part of the story integrates the past, handing you a heart-wrenching story of pioneers attacked by Native Americans, that separate a mother and child. These two worlds come together to help stop a poetic serial killer that’s fueled by an evil entity.

Petrone has a wonderful way of writing about horror in hauntingly beautiful descriptions. Especially when it comes from the victims perspective as they die. (I’m aware how odd that sounds, but I found myself rereading these paragraphs, astounded how well she paints death, from the pull of their soul to the numbness of pain.) The two stories mesh in a believable way and you turn the pages looking for evidence, and try to put the pieces together just like detective Hart. There are some editing issues, but nothing too grand that it detracts from the overall story.

This novel is grim, shocking, and I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy-twisted crime dramas like X-files.

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