In a flash, it all comes back Every harsh word, every act A volatile past I just can’t shake Trusting you my biggest mistake   I will not let you drag me under I will not falter, I will not blunder   Back to where the darkness waits Open armed to tempt my fate... Continue Reading →

The Stairway by KG Petrone (writing prompt from

A Way Out an article discussing addiction, jail and recovery by KG Petrone (A perspective)

Double-Edged Sword a poem raising mental health awareness dedicated to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and to all those suffering.

Available on kindle for ONLY $0.99 Faith will be tested. Beliefs are questioned.

5-Star Rating and New Amazon Reader Review. Cycles of Time - Revenge is Mine

Available on Amazon via Kindle or paperback. To be released Dec. 1, 2017 KG Petrone Debut dual timeline Suspense Mystery Novel.

Please vote for your favorite Mystery, "The Menacing House!" 2017 TCK Publishers Reader's Choice Awards nominee.

First let me explain, the following story from my past is not something I am telling just to rehash or to relive in any way. The reason I am telling this tale is due to my current new path in life, I have found myself facing new challenges, and with that; new fears and old... Continue Reading →

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