“Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine” A suspense-mystery Novel available on Amazon

  1. Featured Image -- 626 True Evil has turned a small Pennsylvania town into its personal hunting grounds. The killer brands the victims and leaves behind poetic cryptic notes taunting the detectives. The investigation escalates when the witnesses begin to get picked off, one by one. Victoria narrowly escaped with her life on the night they killed her family and took her daughter captive. Propelled by her maternal bond, Victoria ventures on a perilous mission to get her back. At the mercy of her captors, her daughter, Sue Lee is forced on a terrifying journey no eight-year-old child should ever have to endure. What cost is Victoria willing to pay to get her back? Should she trust the enemy? Det. Jennifer Hart and her partner, Det. Patric Jones are the perfect duo in this dual timeline suspense mystery to end the slaughter. Jones uses his propensity for puzzles and problem solving, to assist Hart in putting the clues together. However, the investigation takes an unexpected turn, after they realize Hart’s insidious daydreams are a connection to something much viler. Soon, the Detectives find themselves delving into the past, knee-deep in a culture they know very little about, unearthing an even greater mystery. But will the Detectives find the next victim before the killer? And will Victoria ever be reunited with her little girl?

“The Menacing House” A short story mystery Available on Amazon (Kindle Only)

  1. Now AvailableJust looking at the house scared her to death. But what could she do? A dare was a dare, she mustered all her courage and tried to convince herself she was brave enough. She took a deep breath, as she climbed the steps up to the Menacing House.

    You know the type. There is one in every neighborhood. The home, where it looks like, the occupants left in the middle of the night in a hurried rush. From the street, you peer into its dark dirty windows and you can see the silhouette of the ripped and lopsided curtains. The rustic old curtains trying their best to shield its interior from any spying onlookers. The type of house, whenever you walk by, it seems to give you an electrocuting chill. Instantly, filling you with a foreboding need to hurry past. The house you eyeball, year after year. Watching as it seems to almost vanish, with the passing of time.

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