Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine

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Author, K.G. Petrone Makes Her Debut with Her First Dual Timeline Novel,

“Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine”

Inspired, in part, by true events K.G. Petrone has craftily created an intriguing storyline of Mystery and Suspense in this investigative story. One timeline/story is set back to the chaotic times during the colonization of new America, where unspeakable events propel the story into the current Cycle of Time.

– A Mother and Daughter bond is intense, but is it strong enough to endure the Cycles of Time?

True Evil never dies – it transitions and waits – Entangled in the Cycles of Time.

True Evil has turned a small Pennsylvania town into its personal hunting grounds in this intriguing mystery fiction. The Killer brands and tattoos the victims before taunting the Detectives with poetic cryptic notes? The Investigation escalates when the witnesses are being picked off, one by one.

The two main characters, Detective, Jennifer Hart and her partner, Detective, Patric Jones race against time to save the next victim before the killer strikes again. The Detectives find themselves thrust into the past unearthing a greater mystery.

Then, toggle “the cycles of time,” to 1775, a time of chaos during the colonization of new America, where Victoria narrowly escapes with her life the night her family was slaughtered and they took her daughter captive. Sue Lee, her daughter is at the mercy of her captures and is forced on a horrific journey, no 8-year-old girl should ever have to endure. Victoria driven by her maternal bond is propelled on a perilous journey searching the vast unbroken mountains to find her daughter. But what price is she willing to pay for her daughter’s return?

K.G. Petrone is a rising Independent Author evolving from her career as a Residential Manager to broaden her horizons. She is a true blue born and raised Jersey Girl and has recently replanted herself high in the Northeast Mountains of Pennsylvania. She lives with her loving Vietnam Veteran, Frank, along with their always treat hunting pup, Foxie.

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