NOW Available for Pre-Order! Book III in the Ego Anthology, "Accepting the Ego."

New Release "Accepting the Ego" Book III in the Ego Anthology. A poetic journey healing through words.

Full of sex and magic, “Psychonaut” is an exploration into the human psyche and the second book in Voiez’s “Starblood” trilogy.

  Psychonaut by Carmilla Voiez available March 12 Psychonaut is the second book in Carmilla Voiez’s Starblood series. It’s a relaunch of the novel by American indie Vamptasy Publishing. The series contains four books and follows the lives of a group of friends: Star, Satori, Freya. Donna, Raven and Ivan, who are young Goths living... Continue Reading →

Bet you can't name the book this poem by KG Petrone is referring to...

Remorseful Me by KG Petrone. From the Ego Series. Book I "The Fractured Ego"

A Heart-in-you-throat dual timeline Supernatural Crime Thriller! Join the Battle!

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