It’s killing me…

It’s Killing Me…


Waiting with bated breath

For the decision to be made

For me to save myself

And release me from within

Expose me -ignite my light

Stop me from cowering tight

To the past before the growth

I know the wrongs -I did commit

They ache my soul, cause me to spit

What harm I’ve caused, I cannot undue

Which is why I live, as I do

Release me now, let me soar

There is so much to atone for

The light inside is strong enough

To learn from all that I have done

To say I’m human. I’ve made mistakes

Are simple words that don’t convey?

The sorrow, dark and emptiness

The shackles I’ve worn to long

To accept the past with the faults

Is something only one can do

Not every wrong is forgiven

Nor shall they always be

But what is done -is done

I must let go and let it be

Because inside it’s killing me


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