Can you name the book this poem is referring to?

Poem prompt from @nowhereink use the words tuna, melt & gourmet…


Like one of my favorite books

Baited by sparkle and hooks

Rages the fight between tuna and man

As timeless as waves lapping the sand

Broken and beaten the fish lost its fight

Before becoming a shark’s tasty delight

No Gourmet chef needed to enhance

The saddening display of its circumstance

Tethered, helpless and served in the raw

The man utterly breathless by what he saw

Returning to port with nothing but bones

While people taunted in doubtful tones

By the end of this tale who did you choose?

Did you want man or fish to lose?

For me the whole tale melted my heart

Learning how each had been torn apart


(Photo credit: Photo by Çağatay Demir on Unsplash)

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