Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine


This novel will capture audiences who enjoy novels like House of Darkness: House of light; The True Story Vol 1, and The Relic. It will also intrigue audiences who were captivated by recent mini-series such as Yellowstone, The Alienist and The Terror.

“Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine” offers; Mystery, Suspense, Murder, Adventure, Heartache, and love all with Supernatural elements. This novel entangles two stories until the timelines collide into an explosive unexpected ending.

The past and present are simply; “Cycles of time” continuously running parallel until?

In 1775, a young pioneer girl is taken captive igniting an explosive series of events. Her mother refuses to give up and risks her own life searching the dangerous uncharted territory. But is she willing to loss herself to find her? Would you trust the enemy? The bond between a mother and daughter is intense but is it strong enough to survive the Cycles of Time?


Present Day, True Evil has claimed a small Pennsylvania town for its personal hunting grounds. The Killer tattoos the victims before leaving behind cryptic notes taunting the Detectives. The investigation escalates after the witnesses begin to get slaughtered, one by one. Clues lead the Detectives delving into the past, knee-deep in culture they know very little about unearthing an even greater mystery. But when Detective Hart sees a victim through the Killer’s eyes she knows her appalling daydreams are linked to something much more evil. Will the Detectives stop the killer and identify the small victim in time?

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