A double-edged sword cut both sides
Accepting the hype and the lies
“Protect our children,” they say in vain
Obviously simple and clearly plain
Good, bad, ugly includes the whole lot
Lost are the mental who think and plot
A professional’s seat is the foreground
Until awareness can be found
We as a country need to assist
Develop red flags that cannot miss
The mental health system needs reform
For those who fit outside the norm
They wander around lost and in pain
Feeling deserted, alone, and shamed
Cowering to the darkness for escape
Crying for help but no one scrapes
An ounce of compassion, love or care
Until they explode firing shots in the air
It is our duty to fight for them all
Before more of our children suffer and fall
More Victims claimed to a heavenly rest
Children removed from their motherly breast
Their lives cut short our hearts numb
Because of an act needless and dumb
The system has failed us all one more time
Mental Health Awareness the reason for this rhyme
Protect our Children, citizens and all
The victim count rising no longer small
Dear Lord, comfort those in pain
Wrap them in love and keep them sane
From all those who seek to do harm
Wrap each one in your loving arms
2018 © KG Petrone
Dedicated to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and to all those suffering.

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