Read Poetry: TEARS FOR YOU…, by KG Petrone

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You may have thought I didn’t care

Because I wasn’t always there

I repeat I am truly sorry

For how I lived my life so blindly

You may not ever understand

How much I cherished holding you tight

Giving you hugs with all my might

I need you to know; I always will love and care

Letting you go just too hard to bear

To continue as we were I could not dare

I know to you it seemed unfair

Not one day did go passed.

Where my choice didn’t kick my ass.

Filling me with remorse, shame, and guilt,

Of the time lost no relationship built,

Many days and years have now gone by

To say, “I’m peaceful,” is a lie.

All I know to be true

Not a day is spent without a tear for you

And to this day I still do pray

That in the end…

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