Lessons to a Writer

Lessons to a Writer

Some resonate brightly
Some appear in disguise
If you want to say farewell
I applaud your short goodbyes
But heed this my dear friend
The lessons here are all around
If you listen they can be found
For those seeking to learn and grow
Write damn it and take heart
Even from those who stand apart?
The lessons my dear are in the words
Even by those cutting like swords
Books, poems, or little short prose
Not all seamless smelling of rose
To write and expose all of you
Crying at hurt until your blue
These lessons come with a price
Not everyone will be pleasing and nice
But quitting is never an option we choose
If we seek and listen to clues
Lessons at times will stroke our ego
Neatly wrapped with a pretty bow
But those that smack our inner core
Are the ones that open the door?
They strengthen our passion all the more
Understand writing comes from within
Not from awards or what you win
Writing leaks from the heart and soul
It is who we are it is our role
Find the lessons you need to learn
And discard the others, let them burn
Imagination, ink, and paper my friend
Complete us all in the end.

2018 KG (Kris) Petrone

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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