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A Staircase

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The old court building stands on a corner in Victorian elegance. Although relatively small for a civic building, from outside it is rather grand. Once, it must have been modern. No doubt, it was there were complaints in 1882 when it was built in the midst of the surrounding Georgian splendour. 

I started working there in 1989, an incomer with no connection – or so I thought – to the town or county. I was startled to discover many later that one of my great-grandfathers had been born maybe a hundred yards away and the office was probably being built just as he was setting out into the wide world beyond his little country town.

I met my husband in that office and worked there on and off for ten years.

On hot summer days, diagonal shafts of sun could just about reach through the railings on the pavement…

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Why strong people never have easy pasts

Poignant Article. Great Read.

Cristian Mihai

While working on a post titled “Emotional Immunity” as part of the Blogging Mindset series on The Art of Blogging, I came to the conclusion that even though a post on blogging, the main advice can be applied to every single aspect of life: online and offline, the real or the imagined.

Most people wish for safety and comfort, and they wish their lives away. The more they want comfort, the more discomfort they seem to get. In fact, it is their minds that grow bitter, weak, frail.

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Literary Arts by K.G. Petrone

This is a very touching video and the words hit so close to my heart. The words are poignant and cause my heart to stop, my eyes to water and my soul to flutter.

There is NO other situation I can think of that causes a “Mother,” to feel so helpless, desperate and hopeless. Then to witness addiction consume their child…

“…Can not make you drink the water (of sobriety)…”

As Mother’s we want to shield our children, tend to their wounds, keep them safe and out of harms way… This disease is slow, painful, and heart-wrenching… To cringe each time the phone rings, suspecting it to be the “dreaded phone call” or the twisted joy and relief to hear that they are safe in a jail, or to finally hear the haunting voice of your child, similar in retrospect, but sadly the voice of a stranger… Then, soon as…

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Do you like poetry? Have you ever been heartbroken?  Have you ever lost a loved one?  Have you ever felt ashamed, guilty or remorseful? Do you suffer from PTSD, Depression, or some other form of mental illness? If so, then you need to check out "The Ego Anthology" by Author, K.G. Petrone!

Can we begin Again" is a poem about a mother pleading with time, addiction and her son.

This is a very touching video and the words hit so close to my heart. The words are poignant and cause my heart to stop, my eyes to water and my soul to flutter. There is NO other situation I can think of that causes a "Mother," to feel so helpless, desperate and hopeless. Then... Continue Reading →



Buried alive,
Imprisoned within the neat and tidy box
In which they have placed her,
Made from others’ expectations
And varnished with a heavy layer
Of not-quite transparent judgement,
She pounds against the deaf, unfeeling walls,
Scratching and kicking in desperate rage
Until her nails split and fingers bleed with frustration.
Suffocating, her lungs burn
As her mind seethes,
Both frantic for air and freedom.
Yet her cries go unheeded,
Smothered by at least six feet of
Accumulated assumptions and apathy
That both conceal the unmarked grave
And silence the sound of her fury.

©2018 Joanne Van Leerdam

Read my reflection about my reasons for writing this poem in my blog post, ‘Square Peg, Round Hole’.

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Eat your heart out… The scary side of Jell-o *Not for the squeamish*

Just in time for some Gory Fun Cooking. Hungry Halloween!

Star Confections

I’m going to go ahead and say this… I’m not a fan of gelatin desserts. I don’t know if it’s all those times I was forced to eat jello in the hospital, or the fact that it’s made of ground up bones, or both- though agar isn’t any better because it reminds me of prepping petri dishes in the lab.

Anyway…. I wanted to make something creepy and disgusting this Halloween, and when I came upon this tutorial for making a valentine Jell-o heart, I couldn’t resist. My version of the heart doesn’t bleed since my kids wanted to eat it and the thought of picking out plastic bag bits to prevent choking was just a little too stressful for me. I want pretend scary, not real scary!

The instructions in the tutorial were easy to follow, and this was a lot easier to make than I thought it would…

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NEW RELEASE! "MENDING THE EGO" The Journey Continues... An Anthology of Poems by KG Petrone Available now on Amazon!

Revamped. Hopefully, this Audio is more legible.

Literary Arts by K.G. Petrone

(warning: suggestive content and language)

He checked his watch, fully aware of the time
Waiting impatiently, for his little ray of sunshine
Tonight he mumbled, “She will be mine”
He couldn’t wait to hear her whimper and whine.

While hiding in the shadows, his senses screamed
Tonight would be the night, he repeatedly dreamed

Brimming with anticipation his bulge began to stiffen and stir
Finally, he would have her;  touch her; take her

She will be mine
She is so fine
She is perfectly sweet
To rape on the street

Patience my friend you’ll soon have your taste
This spot is perfect and we won’t have to chase
For soon she’ll arrive in the exact right place
So we must remain calm and not act in haste

Hand over mouth into the ally we’ll retreat
Before being seen by those on the street
Then, my friend, you will get your…

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